Monday, October 24, 2011

Fresh Stock!

You might have heard us use the term "fresh stock" when discussing Urban Vintage Bazaar and thought "What does that mean?"  What that means is that there will be plenty of merchandise "fresh" to the buying market for the FIRST time at this show!  Of course, it is all vintage, so, it was even "fresher" at some point in the past, but, for the sellers at this event who do other shows, sell on line or in brick and mortar shops, "fresh" stock for this show means items that have not yet been offered at other shows, on-line or in shops.

Every piece of 1960's and 1970's jewelry you see in the photos in this post will be "fresh" from Carmen and Ginger!  None have been offered previously at other shows or on-line. They have been gathered and set-aside to debut at Urban Vintage Bazaar for you!    And don't worry, there will be MUCH more jewelry from this seller and many other sellers at the event!  And if jewelry is not your thing keep watching!  We will be selling items for men as well as women, clothing, coats, accessories, mid-century housewares and lighting, books, art work and more!  And as we get closer to the date of the show, we will continue to whet your appetite by posting pics here!  (Oh, and PS for those of you interested in the jewels shown here...priced from $8 - $20 with 80% of the items $10 or $12.'s gonna be THAT good!)

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