Sunday, November 6, 2011

Urban Vintage Bazaar Providence - A Success!

We had such a blast yesterday at the Urban Vintage Bazaar at Brown University in Providence, RI!   Thank you to everyone who came by and browsed and shopped and texted their friends to come on down!  We really had fun meeting all of you, seeing what you liked and listening to what else you would like to see at future events.  Below are some photos from the day...

Carmen and Ginger's Booth

NJ Nancy and her girls who helped her all day - what a team!
Michelle from The Red Velvet Shoe - always the professional!

Guess What I Have's Booth

Amanda Lynn (above) and Antiques in the Attic shared a classy booth.

Find Me a Memory and The Library Cat at one booth! (Psst...they are the same person!)

Jesse's Threads and the lovely Nimco shared a booth of children's and mid-century wonder!

Gypsy makes this look easy!  (we're jealous)

Kelli helped her mom all day at Vintage Haven's booth!
So excited that ShoppePioneer could join us for the day!

Studebaker Hawk and What Cheer Antiques did nothing but stock, talk and sell vinyl all day!
Nothing but awesome rarities from S & M Salvage!

We could not have made this happen with Mike from Brown!

Keep watching this web-site, and, follow our Facebook Page to see the details for our next event!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Urban Vintage Bazaar is TODAY!

Urban Vintage Bazaar
Saturday, November 5th
12:00 noon - 4:00 pm
Brown University
Intersection of Brown St and Waterman St
(Use 75 Waterman for GPS)
East Side, Providence
Indoors - Free Admission
See you there! 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Boho/Indie Chic Day 2 Night Ensemble

Jessica McClintock 1970's empire waist boho/indie dress ~ Morris Moskowitz 1970s purse ~ 1980s Winter White Lace Up Granny Boots~Black Velvet Donna Karan Lace Up Granny Boots.....add tights and a boyfriend sweater and you're good for a beer at Wickenden Pub, an afternoon matinee at The Avon and dinner at The Rue...and whatever else in-between...

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

The Urban Vintage Bazaar is tomorrow!  Hit the ATM, eat a good meal, lay out your comfortable shoes and get some rest - you will want to be ready for this!  We wanted to add a post here as a reminder of the variety of items and vendors we will have.  From those specializing in vintage clothing, accessories and jewelry, to mid-century enamelware and industrial chic, to books and art to vinyl records, there will be something at the Bazaar for everyone! 

We'll have fashions for men as well as women, from all time periods and at all price points!

Colorful costume jewelry for every day or formal wear will be offered from many vendors!

Designer goods more your thing?  We've got that too!  Some gently used and some never worn and still with the tags!  Both vintage and "late model" designs...

Love the obscure and hard to find stuff?  Check out this selection of 1960's hosiery all mint in the packages - and this is just from one vendor!

Oh, and a big PS!  Two of our vendors have decided to split their spaces with other sellers.  That means we will also have both funky vintage children's items from Jesse's Threads and even more vinyl from What Cheer Antiques on the floor!

Vendors are also bringing linens, holiday items (Thanksgiving and Christmas), housewares, luggage, and so much more!  Check out the previous posts on this blog, pics on our Facebook Page and pics on our Facebook event page to see all the photos shared to date.  This is still just the tip of the iceberg, however, you have to come to the Bazaar to see it all!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vintage Wedding Gowns

1940s "A Bridal Creation Original" Skinner Satin Wedding Gown

1940s/50s Custom Made Ivory Lace Wedding Gown

1970s Lace Overlay Wedding Gown

If you are a bride to be, or know of someone looking for a vintage wedding gown, then Urban Vintage Bazaar will not disappoint. Vintage Haven and The Red Velvet Shoe will both be bringing vintage wedding gowns & accessories to the event for you to shop or just marvel at! The above are three that will be available at The Red Velvet Shoe. Aren't they lovely?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vintage Cheongsams

We have a lovely selection of vintage cheongsams that will be available this weekend at Urban Vintage Bazaar on Saturday, the 5th of November. They are very old & very fragile, not to mention very, very tiny--size 0-2. They are each custom made and some have a beautiful silk lining. A beautiful example of attention to details & the finest craftsmanship. Look for them in The Red Velvet Shoe's booth.

You Ain't Goin' No Where

...without first stopping by the Urban Vintage Bazaar!   We've got vintage train cases, vintage leather luggage, vinyl totes, oversized handbags, briefcases and more to get you where you are going, with all your stuff, and in glorious vintage style!

Need something a little fancier when you get there?  Yup, we've got that too!  So mark the date - Saturday November 5th - (see all details in the sidebar) and be first in line for all the goodies you see (and many many more that we do not even have time to share with you here...)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vintage Outerwear for Children

Vintage 1950s Ricky Craft Original Navy Blue Coat & Matching Hat

Vintage barkcloth floral fabric coat by Puk Wud Jinnies

Vintage Rothschild Navy Blue Wool Coat & Matching Hat with velvet trim

Child's brown & gold velvet cape with bow tie closure

Vintage Liberty of London child's brown wool tweed coat with velvet collar

Vintage~look emerald green velvet military-look child's blazer by Donna Capozzi

If fleece and puffy jackets aren't exactly your first choice to keep your darling children warm this winter, despair no more! We will have a lovely assortment of vintage & vintage-inspired coats & jackets for your shopping pleasure. Urban Vintage Bazaar is a Family Friendly event and your children are most welcome! That includes babes in strollers--the entrance to the event is at street level with no stairs to navigate.