Sunday, November 6, 2011

Urban Vintage Bazaar Providence - A Success!

We had such a blast yesterday at the Urban Vintage Bazaar at Brown University in Providence, RI!   Thank you to everyone who came by and browsed and shopped and texted their friends to come on down!  We really had fun meeting all of you, seeing what you liked and listening to what else you would like to see at future events.  Below are some photos from the day...

Carmen and Ginger's Booth

NJ Nancy and her girls who helped her all day - what a team!
Michelle from The Red Velvet Shoe - always the professional!

Guess What I Have's Booth

Amanda Lynn (above) and Antiques in the Attic shared a classy booth.

Find Me a Memory and The Library Cat at one booth! (Psst...they are the same person!)

Jesse's Threads and the lovely Nimco shared a booth of children's and mid-century wonder!

Gypsy makes this look easy!  (we're jealous)

Kelli helped her mom all day at Vintage Haven's booth!
So excited that ShoppePioneer could join us for the day!

Studebaker Hawk and What Cheer Antiques did nothing but stock, talk and sell vinyl all day!
Nothing but awesome rarities from S & M Salvage!

We could not have made this happen with Mike from Brown!

Keep watching this web-site, and, follow our Facebook Page to see the details for our next event!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful event - can't wait to see what you do next!